BOSS Services

Services offered:

  1. Tax preparation (take from current website)
  2. Payroll processing (take from current website). Just add link to video
  3. Accounting and Bookkeeping (take from current website)
  4. QuickBooks training –

We offer the following services to help business owners manage their day-to-day operations using accounting software packages like QuickBooks®.

  1. Software selection, installation and set-up
  2. Bookkeeping services
  3. Payroll processing
  4. Accounting analysis and periodic adjustment
  5. On-site technical support
  6. Remote access and telephone support

Accounting software programs like QuickBooks® are ideally suited for business owners. These programs have simplified the bookkeeping process for you. However, no accounting package can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality. Your time is valuable and better spent managing your business. That’s why we provide training, oversight, ongoing support and trouble-shooting services.

Software selection, installation and set-up:
We help you to install or upgrade your QuickBooks®. We don’t just load the program, but help you to support opening account balances, reconciliation to financial records, optimize user preferences, design key management reports, set-up user access and program limitations, enable on-line banking services, fixed asset entry, set-up payroll processing, program training and more.

Bookkeeping services:
Depending on your business volume and individual needs, we provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual bookkeeping services to record cash and credit card receipts and disbursements, account reconciliations and payroll processing. Our bookkeeping services are provided through highly-trained, experienced accounting professionals performed quickly and efficiently to deliver a high-quality work product at competitive prices.

Payroll processing:
We offer a variety of affordable payroll processing options for small businesses with less than 50 employees. Our services are designed to let you manage your payroll processing and assist you with quarterly or annual reporting, or alternatively receive support through affiliated third-party providers with no limitations that is easy to use, reliable and secure.

Accounting analysis and periodic adjustments:
We provide periodic accounting analysis and adjustments to identify and record those items not recorded through general bookkeeping procedures. This analysis is performed by highly-experienced Certified Public Accountants and is designed to identify key problem areas, risk exposure, trend analysis and key business ratio analysis.

On-site technical support:
On-site technical support services are currently limited to Arizona locations. All technical support engagements are managed by Certified Public Accountants. Applicable fees are structured on an individual project basis including on-going periodic support service contracts.

Remote access and telephone support:
We provide remote-access telephone support services to resolve technical support issues at your desk while you work. New technological advances in multi-user, remote access will allow us to link up to your to provide quick, reliable support services to answer your questions and get you back on track. Your problems are solved at your desk while you work. No more frustrating telephone support calls. Remote access features are safe and affordable.

  1. POS systems installation –

We install QuickBooks® Point of Sale (or other similar) software on your PC and setup/configure your Point of Sale hardware.  In addition, we assist you with the setup of inventory, customers, vendors and departments using information you provide.  Finally, we offer instruction on using the POS software and hardware, and integration with QuickBooks® Financial software.

Large retailers typically enjoy two concrete benefits by installing good point of sale systems: They see their sales increase because they stock more stuff that sells well—and this increases profits of course. And they see their inventory investment decrease because they stock less stuff that doesn’t sell well—and this improves their cash flows. A point of sale system might let you increase your sales by 5% or 10%. And the expense of the point of sale system might be more than paid for by the cash savings you enjoy by reducing your inventory of slow-moving items.

  1. Medical Billing –

A key element to operating a successful medical practice is to have effective medical billing and collection procedures. Our medical billing follow-up, and collection process have proven to be successful. Our experienced medical billing personnel combined with state of the art software, enable us to provide high quality service at competitive prices. We provide electronic transmissions of claims in order to minimize the time between submission of the claim and receipt of payment.

  1. Incorporation –

We take into consideration both the legal and tax consequences of the situation and help clients choose the right form of corporations. We also assist you obtain federal & state tax identification numbers. We have partnership alliance with attorneys who can provide you legal consultation on shareholders agreement, bylaws and other legal matters.

  1. QuickBooks hosting –

As an additional service to our valued clients, we offer QuickBooks hosting. You login to our secure server from anywhere to work on your QuickBooks, we maintain your data and run backups on a nightly schedule. Using QuickBooks Hosting allows us to work in tandem with our clients performing bookkeeping and controller services without limitations.

  1. Non-profit setup –

It is important that your organization be set up properly from its beginning. We’ll help you make sure that you are set up for tax-exempt status where applicable. And, in all cases, help assure you the best tax strategy for your organization.

  1. Part-time controller services –

Many small business owners have been under the impression that all Controllers are full-time employees and therefore not affordable.  We present a fresh and different approach to solving this problem.

Someone in your business needs to understand your company’s finances in a way that your bookeeper cannot. Financial decisions need to be made based upon the company’s performance to date, and a plan needs to be implemented that always considers the bottom line.

Our staff can help draft and implement business models, make cash-flow forecasts, create budgets and install accounting systems, among other things. We can also bring poise and confidence to meetings with prospective investors, establish lines of credit with vendors and help secure loans.

Our hours can be tailored to your business needs whether they be weekly or bi-weekly visits or any other mutually agreed-upon schedule.

  1. Due Diligence –

Many first time buyers begin their search with a business broker, but sometimes forget that business brokers typically represent the seller’s interests.

We can help you search for and identify unrecorded liabilities, including customer warranties, gift certificates outstanding and other obligations that a new buyer must honor even following an asset-only purchase. Our firm can also assist you in reviewing important documents such as past financial statements and income tax filings.

  1. New Business formation –

To simplify the business formation and incorporation process for new and developing businesses throughout Arizona, we provide the following services

  • Entity selection and formation

  • Incorporation and business formation

  • Business plan development

  • Bookkeeping and payroll

  • Cash flow projections

  • New business consulting


Our goal is to simplify the start-up and development phases so you can focus more of your attention on growing your business.

  1. Outsourced accounting –

35% of America’s largest businesses outsource their bookkeeping.  Because of new technology advances you now have the same alternative as Fortune 500 firms, no matter how small or large you are.

CPA firms and small businesses are discovering that outsourcing  bookkeeping saves payroll, overhead cost, and it’s a giant step in freeing up valuable time. 

As a business owner, time is best spent working with customers.  To remain competitive, it is imperative that a company rethinks its strategies, taking a hard look at where they are creating value for their customers, then focusing on those processes.

The most successful businesses of today have gone to outsourcing and now have time and money to spend on differentiating themselves in the marketplace.